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Woidtaucher's medical seminar with 82 participants
15 Mar 2020
by Christian Burghart

Woidtaucher held a full-day medical seminar on March 7th. Due to the great interest, the event had to be moved from the club home of SV 22 Zwiesel to the AWO premises. 82 diving instructors and other interested parties from all over Bavaria, some even from Baden Württemberg, took part in this all-day event.

Why do so many diving instructors come to a medical seminar in Zwiesel? In addition to the proof of regular training activity, every CMAS-Germany diving instructor has to prove 40 training hours every five years on diving topics so that his diving instructor license is extended. Attendance at a medical seminar is mandatory. And since there are not so many suitable lecturers on the subject of medicine when diving, medical seminars are only offered very rarely.

The head of the Zwieseler Woidtaucher, Josef Grimm, meanwhile training manager and vice president of the VIT (Association of International Diving Schools), was very pleased with the enormous number of participants and took over the greeting of the two doctors and speakers Georg Arends (diving doctor and president of the VIT ) and Anderl Stadler (head of the medical department at the Bavarian Diving Association BLTV).

Anderl Stadler spoke at the beginning of the event about the special features of diving with high blood pressure. He explained what those affected should pay attention to and under what conditions they are fit for diving. When it came to travel medicine, it was discussed which types of travel destinations divers should definitely seek advice from in advance. Divers should definitely consider the destination in advance and clarify which prophylaxis (malaria, yellow fever, etc.) may be necessary. Other topics included children's diving, fitness for diving and diving as a diabetic, as well as special features of diving with a diabetic.

The two diving doctors provided interesting medical insights into the subject of diving, some of which were also new for experienced diving instructors. At the end there was a long applause for the technically sound, but always humorous statements by the two speakers. And so, after almost nine hours, the participants were able to start their long journey home satisfied.