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Instructor Evaluation at Vrbnik 2021
20 Oct 2021
by Andreas Meißner

After a long break from the diving instructor exam, a diving instructor examination could finally take place again this year. After the theoretical preparatory seminars in Zwiesel in June this year and successfully passing the theory test, it was time for the practical part. This started in September with a total of eight instructor candidates at the Dive Loft on Krk. The traveling members of the Woidtaucher Zwiesel and the Pionier Diving Service Heiligkreuz took care of the number of diving students.

Our TL *** candidates Andi and Rudi were responsible for most of the organization and were accompanied at every step by our examiners Sepp, Philipp and Fritz. In addition, our TL *** candidates naturally also had to monitor and evaluate the training of the TL ** and TL * candidates. As a result, two prospective diving instructors with two students were accompanied by a TL *** and a diving instructor examiner. As challenging and complex as this formation sounds, the preparatory and exam dives were completed with excellent results.

In order to keep the morale and motivation of the group high during the week, various nightly team building measures were of course not omitted. The unbelievable cohesion between the examinees and the understanding way of the students to listen carefully to every detailed debriefing of the dives made the week a very instructive, but also funny and unforgettable experience.

At the end of the exams, the freshly baked TL *** Andi and Rudi, Sarah (TL **) as well as Annabelle, Matze, Dennis, Thorsten, Thomas (TL *) and of course all students and fellow travelers toasted the successful week.

With this in mind, congratulations to the new and promoted diving instructors at VIT!